As You Welcome a New Baby, We Welcome You to Pediatric Specialists of Plano



Adding a little one to your family is a joyous, yet demanding time. The doctors and staff at Pediatric Specialists of Plano understand that new parents need extra reassurance and support. Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth, we will devote time to carefully examining your newborn, answering any questions and addressing any concerns related to your child’s health.

Choosing a Pediatrician

Generally, parents-to-be try to find a pediatrician for their newborns before the babies actually arrive. You may want to start the process by asking friends and family for recommendations. At Pediatric Specialists of Plano, we are happy to schedule a consultation appointment so that you can meet our pediatricians and tour our Plano pediatric office.

A Whole New World

As you and your baby adjust to every day, one of your first tasks will be scheduling a first newborn check-up at our pediatric clinic. During this visit, we will take measurements and check weight to make sure your baby is thriving. Your pediatrician will review the basics of newborn care and address any specific concerns. At this time, we will provide our recommendations for newborn vaccinations.

For personalized attention and care, visit Pediatric Specialists of Plano. We treat our newborn patients like tiny treasures. Call our office to make an appointment with one of our caring pediatricians.

Newborn Information