Proactive, Preventative Well Care for Your Growing Child

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Proactive, Preventative Well Care for Your Growing Child

Regular well care visits with your child’s pediatrician establish trust, a family medical history and the foundation for a lifetime of good health. Yearly checkups begin with well-baby care and progress to accommodate your growing child’s need for comprehensive medical treatment.

Pediatric Specialists of Plano partners with parents to manage their children’s healthcare needs, from birth through age 18.

Common pediatric services at Plano Pediatric Specialists include:


• Yearly checkups
• Physicals for sports
• Vaccinations
• Responsive care for sudden illness such as flu, strep and ear infections

Pediatricians Painting a Big Picture of Your Child’s Health

Well visits foster a parent-pediatrician relationship. Together, we will work toward your child’s optimal health.

At your well visit, expect to track and discuss: growth and development; vaccination schedules; health screenings and tests; as well as sleep habits, behavior, nutrition, emotional health and safety tips. Your child is not one dimensional, so a well care visit at Pediatric Specialists of Plano involves comprehensive questions that offer a big picture view.

To schedule a well child visit or inquire about a recommended vaccination schedule, please contact our pediatric clinic. We look forward to seeing how your child is growing!


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